Can I safely Purchase on here?

All items for sale are directly linked to that sellers Etsy shop, Etsy is a separate secure site which accepts all forms of payment.

How do I find out more about Etsy?

Details can found here for general information.

How do I join an etsy team?

We always welcome new Herefordshire members , whether you have an existing Etsy shop, or wish to open one. There are teams located worldwide, and throughout the UK. Please email if you require further information


Can I contact a seller direct?

You can either click on their profile to find links, or you can contact them through email via the Etsy Team email at the bottom of this page.

Do you sell worldwide?

Most of our sellers do sell worldwide, but you would have to enquire of the shop you are interested in

What is the Etsy team?

We are a community collective of individuals who work together as a team to promote handmade in the Hereford UK area. All our members who help with our social media, website, etc are volunteers.